accent chairs

Hudson & crane believes in choosing style you want and grabbing style when you need it. We offer a collection of chairs that you can customize to make it just right or pick a ready-made chair you love and walk out the door! It's that simple. Stunning design on your terms, no one else's.

two options:

customize your chair or grab it & go

hudson & crane chairs

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cash & carry frames

These frames from hudson & crane come in set color and finish combinations making them quick to ship and a great value. Either grab them when you see them in the studio or place an order for the ones you love & get them delivered to your home!

customizable frames

These frames from hudson & crane are built to order, being offered in 100's of different fabric types and colors, leathers, & multiple finishes. Stop by our studio to see all the options & possibilites of these elite chairs and have one of our designers help you choose the right look for your space!