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3 Tips for Making a Killer Accent Wall

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Interior Designer in Washington D.C.For interior design schemes that need mouth-to-mouth, an accent wall can be a simple but standout solution. A colorful, patterned, or strategically decorated wall is a quick and surefire way to add interest to your space and switch things up when they start to get boring.

Like with any interior design element, there is an art and a bit of a science to creating an accent wall that makes a statement while still being cohesive with the rest of the room. Keep in mind these tips below to ensure your accent wall brings the right amount of fun and refined style to your space!

1) Be mindful about which wall you choose.

Not all walls are destined to be accent walls. Walls in open rooms that get a lot of natural light (open concepts, tall ceilings, rooms with nooks) are best-suited for the accent wall role. As far as which wall to choose, the one you look at first or most often usually works the best, as this means it’s already a natural focal point. You may also choose a wall with an architectural feature you want to accentuate, such as a fireplace or row of windows.

2) Don’t hold back on color.

An accent wall won’t really be an accent is the effect it has is subtle. This is your chance to be bold and experiment with colors you wouldn’t normally use for all four walls. Choose a color that makes you happy or inspires you, but make sure it still works with the rest of the room. Bold doesn’t have to mean bright though; a wall a few shades darker than the color on the surrounding walls can be just as dramatic and appealing to the eye.

3) Think beyond solid colors.

Options for an accent wall go beyond just a single paint color. You can use wallpaper to make one wall stand out and play around with accent patterns and textures at the same time. Painted designs and patterns are an option too, such as a fun stencil, thick stripe, or even a mural. If you want something a little less permanent for your accent wall, try making it into a photo gallery or vertical garden.

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