Hudson & Crane

Our Philosophy

We believe that good interior design should be accessible to everyone in every home.

Humans call lots of places home. Whether a humble bungalow or a Tudor style mansion, we believe that each can be a unique expression of their inhabitants. You work with an accountant for your taxes, and a personal trainer for your fitness goals, why not a designer to help curate that special feeling of home?

Design is about you. Not us.

Smart design find the intersection of good taste and personal taste. We work hard to help discover your definition of style, and translate that into interiors curated specifically for you.

Interior design should be fun.

We take our work seriously – seriously fun! We take the stress out of making all the selections, wondering if they’ll work together, and make sure that every step of the way, the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Design should solve problems.

What our customers are saying

“What you and your team did was so many things: inspiring, brilliant, thoughtful, kind, meaningful.We are incredibly grateful.”