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If you crave a fresh aesthetic at home or for a commercial space, Hudson & Crane is the Washington DC interior design firm for you. We deliver a personal no rules design experience completely tailored to your unique lifestyle and personal brand. Our process is our own unique blend of deep discovery and design therapy. We take the time to get to know you and learn what you’re all about. Scroll down to learn more about our residential and commercial interior design services.

Interior Design

Washington DC, we’ve got you. If you are redoing a whole room, whole house, or otherwise starting at Square One on a residential interior design makeover project, your friendly, local interior designers at Hudson & Crane take you on a magical journey from discovery to concept to the final ta-da.

Commercial Design

The ever-increasing population DC, MD, and VA means consistent demand. If you’re looking to attract the best renters, guests, and homeowners to your project, bring your hotel / AirB&B / apartment / condo / hotel / furnished rental / townhome / residential building to life. Hudson & Crane is the top interior design firm in the region for Commercial Interior Design Services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with both residential and commercial clients?

Yes we do! We have extensive experience in residential interiors, including both furnishings and full renovation work. We also have worked on many commercial  interior design projects in what we like to call a “resimercial” capacity. This includes models, corridors, lobbies, and common spaces for residential buildings like apartment buildings and condominiums. Have a unique project? Reach out to us!

How is the design budget established and what are payment terms?

As with the design itself, no two project budgets are alike! Some spaces are small and require very little new items, but perhaps need something that’s got that WOW factor, and other spaces need full revamps including wallpaper, lighting, furniture, the whole shebang. We’ve found that most tailored spaces that are being built from the ground up start at a minimum of $10k, and go up from there. Not sure what you should budget for your interior design project? Book a quick free discovery call to learn more!

How does your fee structure work?

Because no two projects are alike, each project is priced on a proposal basis. We start each project with an initial in-home consultation at $350. This is a 1.5-2 hour walkthrough of your home. We’ll talk about your hopes and dreams, design goals, and pain points throughout the house. We’re typically able to provide lots of advice and feedback right on the spot! We’ll get to know you inside this consultation which will allow us to have the most accurate holistic picture of your project. From there, we’ll tailor a custom proposal for you.

We price our services at a flat rate, so there are no hidden costs or surprise invoices. Generally, each finished space (think living room, dining room), starts about about $3,000, depending on size, goals, and multiple variables. Our goal is to be transparent with our fees so you’re not surprised in the process.

What if you present something I don’t like?

The first thing we do once we begin your presentation is invite you to dislike it! Design is highly personal, and we are committed to you loving your design. Though we hope you don’t dislike it (and if we’ve done our job correctly, you won’t), there’s always the occasional piece that you’re not sure about, might need some more information, or just plain don’t like. We value this feedback, and will continue to tweak the curation of items until it feels just right to you! Remember, there’s always a leap of faith involved, so we’ll advocate for the design too!

We’ve got kids and concerned about durability! Will this stand up to them?

Yes! You’re not alone. We’re real people with real homes too (no, I don’t make my bed every morning!), so durability is important to us too. During the discovery process, we’ll make sure we have a well rounded understanding of how each of your rooms is used, how hard, and by whom. This will inform the durability of each of the items we select. There are so many materials that will stand up to heavy use, including performance fabrics that are bleachable, washable, and kid-proof. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Will we be able to sit on and touch everything we order?

Each piece is custom sourced and custom ordered for your project. We take multiple buying trips across the country every year to vet our manufacturers and only sell quality products. We have a wide array of price points available as well so we’re selecting for style, durability, and budget. While you may not be able to see each piece prior to ordering, you can rest assured that we wouldn’t source something we didn’t believe in.

Transform your home to put the way you live and the way it looks in harmony.

If our approach sounds like a match for you and your home, reach out and tell us a little bit about you. Let's get started!