Our Interior Design PROCESS

How We Transform Your Space

Getting Started

Working Together

The process of designing a space is as much of an art as the interiors we create for our clients. Although each project is unique in scope, they generally follow the same creative process.

Our responsibility (read – our passion) within the design process is to create a design with your preferences and style front of mind, using our combined decades of talent and experience. We will push your limits, and may even propose a design element or piece of furniture that you do not understand or have a hard time visualizing; this is a normal part of the process and while this can feel a little scary, we encourage you to trust the process and trust us.

Hudson & Crane - Our Work
Hudson & Crane - Our Work

A Shared Vison

The Design

We work closely with you to understand both your vision and how you want to use your space. We will walk your home with you so we can experience it in person, and will gain an understanding of how you use the space and your dream for its future. We’ll also take this time to collect detailed measurements, review your design homework, and review any questions you may have as we begin the process.

The initial design generally takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Next, we present floor plans, mood boards, and samples showcasing your design. If edits are desired, we’ll refine the design as requested. This is where we fine tune the details!

Our Design Process is As Much of an Art as the Interiors We Create

Bringing it all togther

The Execution

Once approved, your items are ordered and tracked. Once these initial orders have been placed, we’ll begin to select secondary elements such as pillows, art, and window treatments. Your furnishings will remain in storage while we work to manage the execution of necessary contract work (electrical, painting, etc.).

Most projects will require contractor work such as painting, hanging wallpaper, new light fixtures, and other renovation work. We have relationships with various contractors and we are frequently interviewing new ones so that we have a full list of go-to experts to call on, or we are happy to work with any contractor you select instead.

Hudson & Crane - Our Work
Hudson & Crane - Portfolio Image


Once all the work is completed, your order is delivered and your space is styled. Your newly envisioned home is now transformed and ready to show off!

Transform your home to put the way you live and the way it looks in harmony.

Start your journey towards creating your dream living space with our exceptional furniture collection that combines modern sophistication and comfort to elevate your home.