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3 Tips for Working with an Interior Designer

Interior Designers in Washington D.C.

Interior Design Studio in Washington D.C.Hiring an interior designer to perfect your space is an exciting process. If you’ve never worked with a designer before, you might think it’s as simple as telling them your favorite colors, letting them wave their magic wands, and poof—you have the home interior of your dreams! While interior designers are capable of working some serious magic in seemingly hopeless spaces, in reality it takes a collaborative effort with you, the client, to bring your vision to life.

As you embark upon your first experience with a professional designer, keep these tips in mind to pave the way for a successful project!

1) Be upfront about the scope of your project.

Before you can get started choosing the fun finishing touches likes wallpaper patterns for the bathroom or window treatments for the kitchen, you and your designer need to discuss the “boring” details of your project first. For example, what is your total budget to work with? How will it be allocated per room? Does construction work need to be done? What is your ideal timeline for project completion? These logistical details must be made clear before the actual design process can begin.

2) Brutal honesty is the best policy.

You are going to be the one living in your space, so it’s important that you speak up about any preferences, styles, and specific features or pieces you have in mind so your designer can plan around them. At Hudson & Crane, we have a unique approach to curating your custom interior that involves the participation of all decision makers to ensure the design is successful. We do this by getting to know who YOU are as a person and how you speak design. This knowledge, combined with our own skillset, allows us to create a designer aesthetic that feels like you—even if you may not have selected every element in it on your own.

3) Above all else, trust your interior designer.

Remember—you hired your interior designer for a reason. You chose them because you like their style and ideas, trust their expertise, and want them to help you do something new with your space. It’s important that you trust their talent and skill and keep an open mind throughout the design process. You may not love a suggestion right away, but fall in love when you see it brought to life. Be patient and let your space come together before you judge. Individual elements and areas you don’t like in progress may end up achieving the exact look you wanted once everything is in place.

Struggling to create that fresh, stylish aesthetic you’ve been craving for your home? Get in touch with Hudson & Crane! Our interior design services range from a quick spruce for your space that’s almost perfect, to a complete starting-from-scratch facelift to transform that space that just isn’t doing it for you anymore, and everything in between.

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