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3 Ways to Make Your Interior Design More Sustainable

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Interior Designer in Washington D.C.As far as trends go, sustainability is one that is here to stay. Maybe you’re already doing your part by using your recycle bin, switching to paper straws, and going vegetarian once a week. But if you’re looking to make a bigger impact, you’ll be happy to learn that your own home is the perfect place to start!

Giving your interior design an eco-friendly makeover is a fun and effective way to reduce your environmental footprint. Not to mention, it’s the perfect excuse to upgrade your space. Here are a few things you can to do to make sustainability a bigger part of your interior design!

1) Furnish your space with renewable materials.

When choosing design components like furniture, flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and other features, opt for sustainable, organic materials over synthetics. Green materials can be just as stylish as manufactured ones, but when you’re done with them, they can be recycled and repurposed. Reclaimed wood, bamboo, bio-degradable glass, cork, marble, and stone are all excellent eco-friendly alternatives.

2) Make your lighting more energy-efficient.

Lighting is crucial for setting the right mood in your space and also ensuring that it’s functional. The good news is, it’s also an area ripe with opportunity to make more sustainable choices. The best thing you can do is maximize the natural light in your home, so you can use less energy with artificial lighting. Using lighter window treatments and decorating with colors and surfaces that reflect light are good places to start. For artificial light sources, switch to LED or other energy-efficient bulbs.

3) Go minimalist.

When you only buy what you’ll definitely need or use, and a few select pieces that will last you a while, you’re reducing your environmental consumption and waste production. Fewer pieces of furniture and décor means fewer nonrenewable resources used for their production. For the furniture you do buy, invest in higher-quality pieces that will last you a lifetime, rather than just a few years. Even though it’s a more expensive cost upfront, it is ultimately better for the environment because it reduces landfill and production waste from cheap “throw away” pieces that break down and need to be replaced often.

It can be challenging to make the switch to sustainability while still making sure your space looks and feels like you. That’s where Hudson & Crane can help! Our interior designers can help you take steps toward sustainability, while at the same time implementing your personal style with a designer quality.

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