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4 Designer Ideas for Brightening Up A Dark and Dreary Room

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Interior Design Services in Washington D.C.A dark and gloomy room seems to just suck all of the energy from you as soon as you step inside. Short of a major renovation to install more windows or bulldoze the walls, brightening up these drab spaces can be a bit of a challenge. That’s where interior design comes to the rescue!

Every interior designer has a few tricks up their sleeve for illuminating those dreaded cave-like spaces. Try a few of our favorites listed below to transform your dark and dreary room into a warm and welcoming space!

1) Lighten your walls.

Bright, light walls are key for bouncing light throughout a shadowy room. Start by choosing a bright shade or neutral paint color for the wall. White is easiest, but you could also go with pale blue to emulate the sky or sun shades (yellows, reds, oranges) if you’re looking for something bolder. Then, bathe the walls in artificial light. Wall sconces are a handy tool, or simply angle other lighting toward the walls and ceiling.

2) Bring in an area rug.

Dark floors can drain the light from a space in one fell swoop. An easy solution for those dark hardwoods? Area rugs! Lay down a big cozy area rug with a light or bright color scheme. Stick with something solid or choose a pattern to mix things up. A light area rug will also add personality and texture that helps the space feel brighter.

3) Go with matte and reflective surfaces, not glossy.

Contrary to what you might assume, glossy surfaces can actually make a dark room worse by creating glare that keeps light in one spot. Matte and shine do a better job of reflecting light. To brighten up a room, go with matte colors for the walls and major furniture pieces. Fill it out with glimmering accents, mirrored surfaces, metallic accessories, and maybe even some smaller translucent furniture.

4) Try maximalism.

If neutral isn’t your thing, bold colors and accents can be just as effective at making a room feel brighter by infusing it with energy! Choose striking colors, interesting patterns, and unique décor—but keep it light and bright. Try, for example, a statement crystal chandelier, vibrant wall art, and a light patterned wallpaper. Keep in mind though that maximalism doesn’t mean stuffing the room with pieces, but rather just making bolder and more vivid design choices.

If you just can’t seem to brighten up your dark room the way you want to, Hudson & Crane is here to help. Our interior designers will illuminate your space with furniture, décor, and other design elements that reflect not just light, but your own personal style too.

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