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4 of The Biggest Mistakes People Make in Interior Design

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Interior Design Firm in Washington, D.C.Although the finer details of what it takes to pull off a certain style will vary from person to person, there are a few fundamental concepts most interior designers can agree on when it comes to characterizing a well-designed space.

These elements can be tough to use correctly if you don’t have the eye or knowledge of a designer, which is why the Hudson & Crane design team is here to offer our help!

Let us clue you in on the biggest mistakes you’re making when it comes to meeting the standard for great interior design:

1) Scale fails

A lot of people have trouble finding the right combination of shapes, sizes, and heights in the pieces they use to bring a room together. Too many small pieces will make your space look cluttered with no focal point. On the other hand, too many large-scale items will make the room look small. Achieving the right balance is key to making your design scheme work.

2) Too many accessories

Stuffing your living room with throw pillows or the bathroom with faux greenery isn’t going to entice your senses, it’s going to overwhelm them! Use enough accessories and decorative accents to give your space character without making it feel crowded. Choose your adornments strategically so that you’re preserving the room’s function and giving the eye a place to land.

3) Hanging art incorrectly

Wall art is a great tool for adding dimension and personality to your space—if you know how to hang it! Decide on placement before displaying your pieces, so it doesn’t look like you just haphazardly threw them up. Consider space, scale, and style as you choose your pieces and group them together.

Most importantly, hang your art with the center roughly at eye level (about 57-60 inches from the ground) to make it as universally pleasing as possible.

4) Not asking for help

The biggest rookie mistake when it comes to interior design? Thinking you can do it all on your own! Interior design is an art that takes a lot of training, skill, experience, and talent to master. Your best bet for transforming your space is to enlist a professional to guide you.

At Hudson & Crane, we’ll provide the innovative tools and expertise you need to bring the dreams you have for your space to life. Contact our team today to request a consultation!

Transform your home to put the way you live and the way it looks in harmony.

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