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4 Things That Are Trending in Interior Design Right Now

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Interior Design Studio in Washington, D.C.It seems like we were just talking about our favorite design trends of 2019, and now suddenly we’re already more than halfway through 2020! Whew—time sure does fly when you’re busy transforming spaces all over D.C.

It’s always fun to see how styles ebb and flow as the year goes on, but these are the ones we’ve been seeing in the 2020 spotlight so far!

1) Japanese-Inspired Aesthetic

The ever-growing popularity of minimalism is bringing the simple, natural elements of Japanese interior style to the forefront of the industry this year. Keep your eyes peeled for bright, lightweight rooms filled with rich and intricate details. Rattan, wicker, wood-charring, and interesting shapes and textures are just a few of the characteristic accents you can expect to see from this style!

2) Warm Neutrals

For 2020, we’re loving earthy tones that bring comfort to your space and make it feel cozy. This shift toward homier and less dramatic neutrals reflects a growing desire among society for sustainability and a connection with nature. Think rich browns, creamy whites, and tactile beiges.

3) Patterns

Soft and subtle doesn’t have to mean boring—and that’s what this year is trying to prove with a rise in the use of patterns. We’re mixing and matching (within our style and color palette of course) and infusing our spaces with a bold and edgy vibe! Floral, geometric, and single print patterns are a few of the more popular ones you’ll see being used to add drama to a room.

4) Combinations of Modern & Traditional

The goal of interior design in 2020 is to cultivate looks that are chic, but timeless. Expect to see a lot of subtle, vintage accents, and layering of old and new pieces in furniture and décor. The idea is to blend classic and contemporary elements to create a one-of-a-kind space.

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