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5 Tips for Creating a Functional Studio Apartment Space

A studio apartment couch that turns into a bed


A studio apartment couch that turns into a bedWhether you’re searching for your first apartment after college or moving to a big city, a studio apartment is a great (and usually cheaper) option to call home.

Unlike a traditional apartment with multiple designated spaces, a studio presents unique design opportunities because of the self-contained floor plan. No matter your preferred style or budget, it’s crucial to maximize your space!

Here are five tips for creating the perfect functional studio apartment space.

1) Purchase Multifunctional Furniture

If you’re short on space in your studio layout, you want to ensure each piece of furniture is functional. Consider getting a bed that can double as a couch during the day, such as a daybed or futon. This decorative hack creates extra seating options for entertaining guests in your apartment and is perfect if visitors from out of town need a place to crash.

2) Install Shelving

A tiny studio apartment provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with unique shelving. Not only are stylish shelving options available in different sizes, shapes, and designs, but you can use them to decorate plain walls while creating additional storage space. Custom wood or modern shelving can be added to your kitchen for a space to hold spices and cookbooks. Or you can use them in the living space to create beautiful homes for low-maintenance plants, candles, or other cozy items!

3) Maximize Light

Natural light has a knack for making any space feel more open, so maximize yours as much as possible. If you want to use partitions to create the illusion of different rooms in your studio, opt for one that lets in plenty of light. Shelving can effectively separate the bedroom and living room while allowing light to wash over the entire space, like open bookcases.

4) Utilize Your Corners

When it comes to small studio layouts, corners are key. Take advantage of these often-unused spaces. Anyone can create an efficient, charming corner with a few dollars and some creativity. Make yourself a nice reading nook with corner sofas or bookshelves, side tables, lamps, etc. You could also make an indoor plant garden with hanging baskets and a small cart full of greenery if you consider yourself fit to be a plant parent. The possibilities are endless when it comes to corner space!

5) Hire an Interior Designer

If you are lacking in the creativity department or simply do not have the time to conjure up ideas on the perfect place to put your loveseat, hiring an interior design company to do the hard work for you is the way to go.

At Hudson & Crane, we have experience designing apartments of all sizes and layouts, including studios. Our knowledge of interior design and the creativity of our talented team allow us to craft a beautiful and functional environment for you. There is an interior design option for everyone with our wide range of services, from design intervention to design salvation.

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