Design Culmination

Interior Design Washington DC

Take your curated space to the next level with Design Culmination.

Design Culmination is for the client looking for that little something extra to take their space from furnished to finished. And when we say finished, we’re talking down to the nitty gritty details—the books piled tastefully on the end table, the wattage bulbs needed to achieve the right ambiance, the perfect desk organizer to hold your ballpoint pens.

The team at Hudson & Crane will identify the unique touches needed to complete your vision, and then style them for you so that your space screams “designer”.

Add a designer lifestyle layer to bring your space to a state of completion.

At Hudson & Crane, we’ve been all around the world of D.C. interior design and back. One of the biggest problems we noticed? There were hardly any services for those interiors that have their major furnishings, but lack the precise supporting pieces necessary to pull the space together with the right feel. So, what did we do? We took it upon ourselves to fill in the gap!

With our Design Culmination service, you get our expert eye, design prowess, and top-of-the-line products to complete your space with (what we like to call) a “lifestyle layer”. We’ll select every detail and style your space to bring it from beautifully furnished to professionally designed to feel and look like you.

Your Hudson & Crane designer will assess your needs and either curate a selection of finishing touches from the studio, or put together a deck of special-order items tailored to your needs.

We’ll come armed with the perfect décor, accessories, lighting, pillows, and whatever else it takes to make your space Instagram-worthy! Design Culmination is an ideal add-on for Salvation clients (who score 15% off their purchase when they upgrade!), or even Curation clients looking to take their space one step further.

Cost of Design Culmination:

$595+ materials

We are currently only offering culmination services to Design Salvation Clients.

  • Includes an initial site visit (up to 30 minutes) and a return visit to style the space, with all the items needed (up to 60 minutes, hourly rate thereafter)

Additional Design Culmination Services

Our designers will go to great lengths to ensure your space is perfectly completed. Sometimes, this means we have to get a little creative. Here are a few additional services we offer to our Design Culmination clients to help them achieve the interiors of their dreams:

  • Management of Contractors and Outside Professionals: Additional trips to your D.C. property to interface with contractors to ensure smooth work, as requested by client. Billed at the hourly rate, 1 hour minimum at $130/hr.
  • Virtual Design Services: Not in the Washington D.C. metro area? No problem! This service works just like the others, but with a little more leg work on your end to make sure we get measurements right and understand your space.
  • Design Vacation: Work one-on-one with one of Hudson & Crane’s talented interior designers to source from our showroom, estate sales, and other retailers. Spend a full 8-hour day shopping and be billed for only 5 hours.

Team up with the Hudson & Crane design team to give your space the love and attention it deserves. We’ll provide you with everything you need to tie up your designer look in a neat little bow.

Request your consultation today so we can start making some magic together!