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Designing Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

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Interior Designer in Washington D.C.How well you sleep has a big impact on your day. Just think about it! When you wake up feeling well-rested, you have the energy you need to conquer the day. But when you wake up feeling like you haven’t slept a wink, you’ll probably spend your day moving slowly and feeling like a grouch.

If you keep having one grouchy day after another, the problem is probably your sleep space. Reevaluating and refreshing your bedroom design can make all the difference in how your nights (and days) go. Here are a few bedroom design tips to help you get back on the path toward sweet dreams!

Start with the bed.

Your bed is the linchpin of your bedroom—it’s right there in the name! Ensuring you have a quality mattress and good bedding should be your focus. Do your research and test out different options to determine what type of mattress support, materials, and linens will suit your sleep style. For example, if you’re a hot sleeper, you probably want to avoid sheets with a 400+ thread count.

Ditch the clutter.

Unneeded items piling up in your space creates stress and anxiety that hinder sleep. Anything that you don’t need for sleep or to wind down for bed should be in another room or stored out of sight. This goes for your electronics too! A few smart bedroom storage ideas include the closet, dresser, armoire, nightstand, and decorative baskets and bins.

Layer your lighting.

Darkness is essential for getting your mind and body in sleep mode. Your sleep space should have a mix of lighting sources for different purposes—overhead and recessed lighting for getting ready in the morning, table lamps and sconces for reading and relaxing before bed. Stick with warm, soft wattages for a calming ambience. Investing in some blackout curtains can also be a lifesaver.

Decorate with soothing colors and accents.

To promote better sleep, your bedroom should have a peaceful, relaxing ambiance. For your color scheme, choose predominantly cool muted colors, such as light blue, green, gray, silver, etc., or cool neutrals to help relax your mind and body and minimize reflected light. Incorporate rich, warm colors in layers like wallpaper, drapes, upholstery, great art, and layered bedding and decorative pillows to tie things up nicely and make the room more inviting and beckoning. This will help give you peace of mind as you unwind in the space.

If you’re craving a fresh bedroom aesthetic that prioritizes sleep without sacrificing style, Hudson & Crane can help! Our interior design services range from a complete overhaul, to filling in major gaps, to dialing in on those last supporting pieces you need tie everything together. Whatever level of service you need, we’ll tailor it to your needs, vision, and personal taste, but with an elevated designer touch.

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