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Ditch the Dull: Interior Design Hacks to Elevate Your Mood

Many of us don’t realize that our homes actually play a big role in our daily mood swings. Your home could be draining your energy faster than a slow late-night movie. Forget the same old, same old design tips you’ve seen littering your social media feeds. We’re diving into some fresh, fun ways to give your space and your mood a lift.

Make a Statement with Your Ceiling

Photos from: @robingannoninteriors & @cindygreenenyc

Look up and lighten up! Ditch the plain white ceiling and make a bold statement. Whether it’s a bright color, wallpaper, or even a mural, your ceiling offers a vast canvas for creativity. Imagine lying down and gazing at a delightful pattern that takes your imagination for a ride. How motivated would you feel after that!?

Embrace the Power of Scent-scaping

Photo from: @interiorbygini

Our noses aren’t just for sniffing. They’re direct lines to our emotions. Scent-scaping your home with diffusers, candles, or even fresh flowers can dramatically alter the vibe of your space. Use Ylang Ylang for focus, Mimosa for happy feelings, or Eucalyptus and Peppermint for energy – pick your fave and let your home be your peacekeeper.

Mix Textures for a Sensory Feast


Photos from: @lockecici  & @nicklaciok

Visuals are great, but let’s not forget about our sense of touch. Mixing textures in your home decor can add depth and interest, making your space more engaging and comforting. Soft and textured accents create a tactile experience that makes you feel hugged and may lead you to the best naps of your life. And good rest is important for a balanced mood.

Rearrange for a Refresh: Feng Shui Your Way to Happiness

Photos from: @jcdesign1.1

Sometimes, a little shuffle goes a long way. Rearranging your furniture can refresh your space and, consequently, your mood. Position your furniture to face the room entrance to invite positive energy (and keep that creepy feeling of someone sneaking up behind you at bay). A new layout can make the same old room feel brand-new.

Tech-Free Zones: Designate Spaces for Digital Detox

Photos from: @berrys_home & @grayoakstudio

Unplug to recharge, and create a tech-free zone in your home to upgrade your mood. Designate areas where screens are a no-go and curate them for maximum relaxation. A reading nook with a comfy chair, a meditation corner with soft pillows and calming scents, or a craft station brimming with supplies for your next project. These spaces encourage you to disconnect and recharge, both mentally and physically.

Feeling Inspired to Mix Things Up?

Turning your home into a mood-boosting masterpiece doesn’t require a total overhaul. Start small if you need to, but it is important to start. Our homes do more than shelter us from the rain. It’s also your battery to help you recharge and go into the world a happier person. If your home is draining you, then it’s time to Start Your Design Journey with Hudson & Crane, Washington D.C.’s top interior design studio today.  

Transform your home to put the way you live and the way it looks in harmony.

If our approach sounds like a match for you and your home, reach out and tell us a little bit about you. Let’s get started!