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HGTV Is Lying to You

Here’s a hot take: HGTV is giving us unrealistic expectations about interior design. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for inspiration, but let’s dive into how it might be steering us wrong and what you can do to reclaim your space’s true potential.

Cookie-Cutter Designs, Where Did All the Personality Go?

Person placing pictures on the wall for interior design inspiration

Have you noticed that every living room on HGTV seems to have the same shiplap walls and open-concept layouts? It’s as if they’ve got a one-style-fits-all template. Sure, it looks sleek on TV, but where’s the space for your grandma’s quirky coffee table or your collection of vintage concert posters? These elements add a unique character that you just don’t get on HGTV.

The Budget Fantasy

Fabric and granite stone samples for interior design

Each episode wraps up with a beautiful home and smiling faces, all neatly tied up with budget discussions that seem, well, frankly, unrealistic. It’s not just you – those numbers often don’t include costs like labor or project setbacks. TV magic skips the stressful deliveries and endless shipping costs. Taking HGTV at face value is like watching a gourmet chef cook a five-star meal and then expecting to recreate the meal without a grocery list or instructions!

Timeframe Tricks. Is it Magic or Misleading?

Preparing a room for new paint color

And speaking of fast-forward, have you ever noticed how a complete home renovation wraps up in just 30 minutes? Last time I checked, paint doesn’t even dry that quickly. These rapid transformations aren’t just editing magic; they set us up for disappointment when our projects stretch over weeks (or months). Good design takes time, and your patience will be rewarded.

DIY Disasters

Picture of woman refinishing cabinets in DIY project

HGTV makes it look so easy. A little paint here, a hammer there, and voilà – you’re a DIY guru except, not really. The truth is that DIY projects are complex, and not everyone can turn their garage into a wood shop. The result? Half-finished projects and homes that look more like “Help Me” than “HGTV.” It’s okay to call in the pros; there’s no shame in putting down that hammer!

The Truth of The Matter

As fun and inspiring as HGTV can be, it’s important to approach home design with a balance of inspiration and practicality. True design excellence comes from understanding that our homes are more than just for show — it’s a living, breathing space that adapts to our lives. HGTV set’s the expectation that your design is done in one pass. But the truth is it can take years of adding special pieces before your masterpiece is complete. Take your time and embrace your individuality and the uniqueness of your space. You’ll create something far more meaningful than any TV makeover.

Ready for Something Real?

Ready to create a home that truly reflects your style and needs? Let’s throw out some false expectations and craft a space for you. Start your journey now.

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