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How to Choose the Right Wall Art for Your Space

Interior Design Services in Washington D.C.Most interior designers will agree that a room is not complete until there’s a little art to dress up the walls. Wall art is just one of those finishing touches that really ties a neat little bow on top of the style you’re trying to accomplish in your space. The trick though, is making the right selection out of the thousands of unique pieces that are available to you.

Check out a few of our designer-approved tips for landing on the right ones!

Consider what size art will work best in the room you’re shopping for.

All it takes is one piece of awkwardly-sized wall art to completely throw the scale and proportion in your space. Think about what you want your art to accomplish. Oversized and large artworks, for example, will be focal pieces. Medium and small pieces have a subtler effect, and usually work best in groups or intimate spaces. The key is to find something that’s not so big it overwhelms the space, but not so small that it packs no punch.

Decide whether you want art to blend with or stand out from your color palette.

There’s more than one approach you can take when it comes to factoring color into your wall art selection. You can keep it cohesive, choosing pieces with colors that fall within your established color palette. This will unify your space and make the rest of the colors in the room pop. Or, you can opt for wall art that shares undertones with your palette, but uses bolder shades or contrasting accent colors. This will add a layer of personality to the room and make the art the element that pops.

Make art selections based on your home’s style.

Just like any other décor or accessory, you want the wall art in your home to match the interior design style you’ve implemented. A traditional landscape painting, for example, would work well in a farmhouse kitchen, whereas an abstract art piece would probably look out of place. Look at artists who work in the same style that inspires the rest of the room and choose wall art that fits your theme.

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