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Ideas for Creating a Work-From-Home Space in Your Living Room

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Interior Designer in Washington D.C.Since the pandemic has revolutionized the work-from-home movement, a home office space has gone from an extra to an essential for many working professionals. If you’re lucky enough to have a room to spare, setting up the perfect home office will be a breeze. If, however, you’re one of the many individuals in a small apartment or crowded home with hardly even an inch to spare, you’re going to have to get a little more creative.

One of your best options for sneaking in a mini-home office is definitely the living room. But how can you pull that off in a way that’s functional, but still cohesive with your design? We’ve got some ideas to help you out!

Desk Behind the Sofa

A work-from-home space behind the sofa is a setup that will look like it makes sense. This option is particularly ideal for open floor plans (hello studio apartments). Just slip in a desk up against the back of your sofa in place of a console table, bench, or the empty space that usually sits there and it’ll blend right in.

The Vertical Office

Too often people look past the potential of their vertical space, but working from your tiny apartment give you a perfect opportunity to see what those walls can do! Wall shelving, wall furniture, and if you have them, built-ins are a great way to streamline a WFH area in your living room. All you’ll need is a floating desk, wall-mounted storage shelving, and a cute office chair to create a functional living room office that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Room Dividers

Room dividers are a simple, but stylish, solution for designating separate areas in one open space. Use one to section off a work-from-home spot in your open floor plan living room or to close off an untapped corner or nook to serve as an office. Having a physical boundary can help your mind distinguish between the work and lounge space in the room too, so you can better focus while you’re working.

Accent Wall

If you’re really tight on space and don’t have room for a physical barrier, use other design elements to define a separate office space within your living room. Paint the wall your desk is against a different color, wallpaper it, turn it into a gallery wall, or hang a tapestry or statement art piece. Deck out the whole wall or just keep it limited to the wall space directly over the width of your desk. You’ll create a distinct workspace and add personality to your living room at the same time.

At Hudson & Crane, creating designer spaces out of thin air is kind of our specialty. Our interior designers can add a chic and functional workspace anywhere in your home, whether it’s an entire extra room or a living room corner.

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