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Interior Design Strategies That Work Big Magic in Small Spaces

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Interior Designer in Washington D.C.The half bathroom; the not-big-enough-to-technically-be-a-bedroom home office; the galley kitchen; we’ve all been tasked with struggling to make the most of a small space at one point or another. As interior designers in Washington D.C., we’ve certainly seen no shortage of tiny apartments and near-useless nook and cranny spaces in larger homes. The question is, how do we fool the eye into seeing more space and give those cramped spots a more substantial presence?

The answer is simple—smart interior design. Check it out:

Simplify your décor.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking small space equals small everything else. Filling a tiny room with a bunch of scaled-down accent pieces, wall art, etc. will only make it feel more cluttered. Instead, opt for a few larger statement pieces and keep any décor groupings limited to sets of three and five. Large-scale art, mirrors, and other reflective pieces (a glass vase or metallic fixtures, for example) will add style and personality without turning your space into a claustrophobic’s nightmare.

Spread light around the room.

When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you need to illuminate every square inch you do have. The more light that bathes your small room, the more expansive it’s going to look and feel. Shadows, on the other hand, shrink your space. Start by enhancing natural light and ditching the drapery and other heavy window treatments in favor of sheer or light curtains or, if possible, none at all. Then, arm yourself with multiple artificial light sources—overhead, recessed, lamps—to ensure ample light spreads evenly throughout the room.

Keep furniture low-profile.

Furniture that’s lower to the ground creates a feeling of openness above and around it. Choose streamlined pieces that can serve multiple functions, such as a kitchen table or desk that folds up or chic ottomans with plenty of style and storage. Don’t push furniture against the wall either, as this will just emphasize your small space by making it appear to be bursting at the seams. Let the room breathe and leave a little space between the wall, your furniture, and in between individual pieces as well.

If you need an expert hand to step in and open up your small D.C. space, Hudson & Crane has you covered. By melding your personal style with the latest design trends, our team will create and implement an interior design plan that tells your story, no matter what it takes or the size of the canvas.

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