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Why Property Investors Should Be Working with an Interior Designer

Commercial Interior Design Services in Washington D.C.Getting involved in the real estate game can be a fun and lucrative adventure if you do it right. The best way to succeed is to do everything you can to maximize your return on investment. Depending on the property you buy, this could mean anything from giving it a fresh coat of paint to making extensive renovations before putting it on the rental market.

One strategy for upgrading your rental space that a lot of investors don’t immediately think of is to hire an interior designer to work some magic. But how can you be sure the cost of a professional designer is worth it? Allow us to explain!

An interior designer will know how to make your space more valuable.

The eye of a designer is a powerful one. With it, they can envision which functional and aesthetic elements will make your property more appealing to renters. An interior designer has the training, skills, and experience to determine what renovations, materials, and design details will yield the most value for cost. They’ll also have the connections and resources to transform your property based on your budget, needs, and timeline.

An interior designer will be able to see and curate your space objectively.

If you’re not trained to do otherwise, you will most likely design your rental property based off of your own tastes and preferences. As much as you may love that builder-grade tile you have been using for the last 6 years in your flips, a good chunk of your rental market will connect better with something more on trend. Interior designers, on the other hand, work with the big picture in mind. They’ll design your space to have a universal appeal with a diverse pool of renters.

An interior designer will help set your property apart from the competition.

Most of the time, the rental options available to potential tenants are fundamentally the same. If you want your property to stand out, you need to give it a “wow” factor that makes renters want to choose it over the similar building down the block. That’s exactly what an interior designer is trained to do. They’ll think outside of the box and work with your budget—while still keeping the most recent real estate and design trends in mind—to catch the eye of potential renters without sacrificing livability. This will be an especially helpful sales tool for your listing images and marketing materials. People are more willing to pay top dollar for a space of designer quality that still feels like home.

At Hudson & Crane, we’re passionate about bringing not just individual homes to life, but commercial spaces too. Our commercial interior design services are ideal for real estate developers, landlords, AirBnB hosts, and anyone looking to appeal to renters with a unique and inspired space.

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